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In Balance We Trust

EQUALSTWO is a range of coconut based products.

Enriched with 100% natural* ingredients, EQUALSTWO offers quality skincare products made from the best of nature and science.

We are an Indian skincare brand, built on the foundation of balance with one focus – to win the trust of mothers with a 100% natural* and safe product range at par with international standards of skin care.

How do we achieve that?
We Indians are rooted in traditions and trust in all things natural. However, with evolving times, the efficacy of natural products also evolves, consequently creating a need to blend the goodness of nature with science and advanced technology to ensure maximum benefit is reaped from the natural ingredients.

Thus is born EQUALSTWO – a range of innovative, technologically advanced skincare products that are 100% natural* yet backed by science.

All EQUALSTWO products are coconut based with blends of various natural ingredients, that have been enhanced by science.

Good Vibes Only

EQUALSTWO products do not contain parabens, sulphates, phthalates, mineral oils, artificial dyes and fragrances. This makes our products suitable to the delicate and sensitive skin of babies.

Rooted In You

We answer the need of Moms 2.0 – a new-age mom who is rooted equally in tradition and keeping herself updated with new-age advancements to ensure the best of the best for her and best for baby’s skin.

EQUALSTWO celebrates you, Moms 2.0 and offers exactly what you need! Just like you, we too are rooted in the balance of traditional and modern, old age wisdom and new age advancements, nature and science!

To sum it up, EQUALSTWO is #RootedInYou, Moms 2.0!

Our Journey

EQUALSTWO was created with the mission of addressing existing gaps in skincare, with products that are 100% natural* and backed by science, without compromising on safety or quality.

EQUALSTWO range of products are brought to you by Zydus Cadila (Cadila Healthcare Ltd.), an organization that always keeps patients at the forefront, with commitment and dedication towards providing healthcare solutions for all. Zydus believes in bringing innovation to healthcare by addressing the gaps that exist in various treatment paradigms and meeting the unmet needs of the health care fraternity.

The same thought has been extended while developing EQUALSTWO range of products, bringing innovation and bridging gaps in baby skincare, to give moms and their babies safe and high-quality products.