Who are we?

Nature + Science = EQUALSTWO
A complete coconut based range.

We understand that a new-age mom (Mom 2.0, if you are) is multi-dimensional – she respects and accepts her roots but is also headstrong about embracing new age methods to refine her traditions.

So do we at EQUALSTWO.

We’ve crafted our products by carefully choosing ingredients rooted in nature and backed them with new-age science.

Meet the equalstwo® family

Offering a coconut based range.

Nothing less than calming, protective and restorative products will do for a pregnant mother’s delicate skin. We get that. Our products are rooted in the age-old wisdom that talks of the goodness of natural ingredients.

These natural ingredients are then backed with today’s technology keeping in mind the nourishment, care and comfort that a mother looks.

Questions? Yes please!

You + Learning = Happy Moms

We’re all about balance. So, naturally, we believe in maintaining a balance between knowledge about our brand and the skincare universe at large. It’s ever evolving, you see. And keeping ourselves updated on what’s up and what’s next in the skincare game is right up the alley of Moms 2.0!