Two-in-One Baby Wash

A coconut based product.




EQUALSTWO Two-in-One Baby Wash is a 100% natural*, soap-free and tear-free baby wash, having pH 5.5 that strengthens the skin’s acid mantle and protects it against infection. Moreover, it is dermatologically tested for safety. What makes this baby wash unique is the combination of natural ingredients with an advanced pump-action technology that converts liquid to foam for best results. It is enriched with cleansing blend, starch derivative, enzymatically activated oils of Olive, Linseed, Almond and Borage and Trehalose that thoroughly cleanses skin and hair, conditions hair and keeps skin hydrated.
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Nature + Science:
EQUALSTWO Two-in-One Baby Wash is made from natural ingredients with rejuvenating properties like coconuts, enhanced by an advanced pump-action technology that converts liquid to foam for the best cleansing experience.
Rooted in nature

Cleansing blend containing Tender Coconut Water, Sapindin, Saberry and Vitamin E has antioxidant and foaming properties used to thoroughly cleanse and protect skin.

The goodness of Coconut Water in a freeze-dried powder form is rich in nutrients and helps promote healing of skin and supports cell rejuvenation.

Soapnut has been traditionally used for cleansing purposes and has beneficial effects on the skin.

Saberry is extracted from the fruits of the Indian Gooseberry (Amla). In traditional Indian medicine of Ayurveda, Amalaki or Amla is regarded as “one of the best rejuvenating herbs”.

Maltooligosyl Glucoside / Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate comprising of saccharides improves hair texture and makes skin smooth and soft. It is also protective and anti-inflammatory in nature. It is multifunctional in nature as it imparts smooth hair and skin texture while also promoting moisture and hydration in skin and hair. It also improves foaming, bubble retention resulting in a long-lasting, rich lather providing a luxuriant after-feel.

Trehalose is a moisturizing agent that works towards keeping the skin and hair surface intact, supple and hydrated and has protective properties.

Enzymatically activated combination of oils of Olive, Linseed, Almond and Borage helps increase skin elasticity, ensures quicker absorption, higher moisturization and reduces greasiness.

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Rooted in science:

EQUALSTWO Two-in-One Baby Wash is a liquid wash with a blend of 100% natural* ingredients, enhanced by advanced technology. Due to the advanced pump action, the liquid is dispensed in the form of a velvety foam, for direct application on the skin. The foam can be directly applied for skin cleansing without the hassle of scrubbing hands together to form lather. This makes it easy-to-use and saves time.

The uniqueness about this technology is that while the baby wash is absolutely soap-free, the liquid is still released as soft, velvety foam. This foam is so gentle on the skin that it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

This is possible due to the goodness of natural soap and the advanced pump action that amalgamates to create a baby wash that will make bath time a blissful experience for both mothers and babies.

Pump out adequate quantity of baby wash into your wet palm. Gently apply the foam all over baby’s wet body and hair and rinse thoroughly or use as advised by physician.
Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.
*Refers to natural ingredients basis their origin